Child Custody

Texas Child Custody and Visitation

Where children live after their parents divorce is often a contentious matter. In their anger, divorcing spouses sometimes forget that the most important issue in custody is the best interests of the child. At the Dallas law firm of Sullivan & Cook, our lawyers provide objective and sympathetic advice to clients involved in custody disputes. We make sure that parents understand what is really at stake.
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Senior partner Bob Sullivan has tried more contested child custody cases than almost any other lawyer in the Dallas area. He, Jeff Cook and all our attorneys stay current on the details of Texas custody laws. We are also known for our creativity in developing custody plans that are creative, meet the needs of parents and children and are acceptable to the court. To learn more about our approach to child custody, contact our Dallas office. Call 214-520-7494.

What Is the Default Custody Arrangement?

Texas is a joint custody state. This means that without a compelling reason to do otherwise, the court awards a standard possession order, giving significant visitation rights in favor of the noncustodial parent. This usually amounts to the child being with both parents about half of the time or 46% of the time with the noncustodial parent.

No Cookie-Cutter Law at Sullivan & Cook

While joint custody is the state standard, our attorneys have successfully developed custody plans that vary from this. We tailor our visitation and custody proposals to the actual situations of our client and the children. If one parent has a work schedule that leaves the child in day care all the time or if the other parent has a drug problem or a chronic illness that makes him or her less able to care for the child, our lawyers make sure that the court knows about such issues. We have been involved in the development of many nonstandard custody orders that benefit the child and meet the needs of clients.

Using Experts to Help Us Demonstrate the Best Interests of the Children

We also use experts to help the court understand the child’s best interests. We work with child psychologists and others to evaluate proposed custody orders in light of the child’s emotional well-being. We use the results of expert evaluations to support our proposals. We have helped resolve difficult cases of parental alienation using advice of experts and our many years of experience in such matters.

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